Drinking Water

On February 2014 I was sent a picture via text messege from a very trusted source who was present at the time that a Member in a club store returned a 32 case of water with about.. seven or so opened bottles none more than halfway through. The member was claiming that the case of water though it seemed fine was indeed contaminated with some sort of content. After taking a sip and leaving the bottle to sit on the counter for a bit when returning they noticed that the water had become a very odd shade of brown and the same thing happened with atleast six other bottles. 

These were the pictures I was sent, in one of them the person is comapring two of the bottles with their own drinking water which they had on hand. 

If you have any questions please messege me. 


In a disaster (be it caused by man or caused by mother nature) we as preppers prepare to survive. We work on skills, knowledge, and equipment to ensure the safety and survival of ourselves and our families. But how many of use even think about helping others?

Prepping is not just about the end of the world etc but is also about preparing for everyday disasters and everyday emergencies. So think for a moment about the bombings in Boston yesterday. If you had been there would you have first been ready to respond and secondly been ready and willing to help those in need? If you say no then why not? It could have been you laying on the ground with a limb ripped off in need of help.

Be Prepared Not Scared

I agree with this one hundred percent because as preppers it is our job to be prepared for every scenario we can possibly imagine and not just for ourselves and our loved ones but for a fellow human being that could  find him/herself completely helpless and exposed to the worst case scenario. 

I do hope the happenings of this horrible event help preppers better  understand why it is we do what we do and to those that aren’t preppers I hope it opens your eyes and helps you understand why it is we do what we do and maybe just maybe you can start preparing yourself as well. 

God bless everyone. 

I will be posting whatever information I find regarding the tragedy that has just struck Boston today April 15, 2013 when two bombs exploded during the Boston Marathon at the Finish Line and a third bomb at the JFK Presidential Library. I will post both videos, website links as well as any notes or information I could pick off of the news and whatnot.





Apparently people were seen with limbs blown off, several people have died. There is word of another bomb being found as well. 2 bombs total have gone off… don’t want to say so far…



It sure seems like it. If you saw the actual video footage it happened on the sidewalk in front of a hotel. Some are speculating there was a bomb in the trash can. You can also hear the second blast in the video, and the second blast doesn’t seem to be near the first one…..

I have been saying for years that this type of terrorist attack is coming to the U.S.A. Whether this is a domestic attack of a foriegn attack it happened.

Let me take a moment to say that I do pray for the victums of this horrific attack. Those who lost their lives I pray for their families in their grieving over the lost of their loved ones and those that are injured and in the hospitals I pray for them to have quick recoveries. Not only from the physical but also from the mental side as well.

Now remember after 9/11 some many people said “Never Forget” but how many people have?

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